Once upon a time in an unusually cold and snowy place far, far, up north, there were four of the bestest friends in the whole wide world.  Because those four friends loved eating only slightly less than they loved each other, they spent an awful lot of time together making food.  And eating food.  And drinking wine (which goes remarkably well with food).  Most of the things they made together were delicious.  Some of them needed a little work.  But they wanted very much to remember the delicious things and, since everyone who has ever moved knows that the WORST part of moving is lifting boxes of books, they decided that instead of making a cookbook, or relying on their occasionally faulty memories, they would start a cooking blog (which is remarkably light).  They also secretly hoped that it might inspire other people to cook more and find bestest friends of their own who also liked to cook.  And drink wine. 

And although two of our heros are no longer freezing their heinies off on the tundra, you can rest assured that all four still love to eat, still love to cook, and still love to drink wine.  And share those things with each other.  And you.  Yes! Lucky you!


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