lemon-garlic shrimp and asparagus

April 24, 2013 § Leave a comment


Despite the clear message we’ve been getting from mother nature lately, I’m told it’s spring. And with the spring comes the asparagus. I’ve lauded the humble green shoots elsewhere (asparagus gruyere tart), so I’ll spare you a repeat, except to remind you that asparagus is pretty wonderful, currently very much in season, and may have magical powers capable of jolting mother nature out of the past and into the now. i’m not saying that your failure to incorporate asparagus into your cooking is the CAUSE of this never-ending winter, but.

The recipe is adapted from one that appeared in Eating Well, and makes for a lovely quick, last-minute weeknight meal. Serves 2.

the stuff:
olive oil
1 large bell pepper, coarsely chopped
i bunch asparagus, bottoms snapped and chopped into thirds (1-1.5″ stalks)
1/2-1 lemon (zested), and juiced to produce approximately 1T lemon juice (juice from a half should do)
kosher salt
4-5 cloves garlic (i loooooove garlic. if you’re less of a fan, you should consider toning this down)
1/2 lb. raw shrimp
3/4 c. dry white wine (or chicken broth, veggie broth, or in a pinch, water)
scant 1/2 tsp. cornstarch

the how-to:
heat 2T olive oil over medium-high heat. Add the pepper, asparagus, zest of 1/2-1 lemon and sautee, salting generously (two pinches) until the peppers are just tender and the asparagus is a pretty spring green, approximately 5 minutes. remove from heat and cover to keep warm. in the same pan, add minced garlic, a splash more oil, and saute 1 minute. add shrimp and cook for 1 minute. add in liquid (wine, broth, etc) and just a pinch of cornstarch to thicken (i would add less than the 1/2 tsp, stir in, wait to let it do it’s job, and then add more as needed. if you go overboard, you’ll end up with a sauce that’s gelatinous, and ew. make sure you stir the cornstarch in well and that is is thoroughly dissolved). continue to cook until the shrimp is bright pink, approximately 2 minutes. remove from heat and quickly stir in lemon juice.

serve the shrimp on top of the veggies. this combination can be served on its own, or atop pasta or with a side of brown rice, quinoa, etc.


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