Carmelized Onion and Shiitake SuperPizza

September 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

you GUYS. guess what i did tonight? i made a SuperPizza.

yes, that’s right. a SuperPizza. no messing around, i swear. this is good.

*surprisingly* good. super duper pizza good.

look. i’m a pretty good cook. and because i’m a pretty good cook, most of the things that i make turn out pretty delicious.  still, as trusty sidekick and i were taking first bites, we were talking over one another (and with our mouths full, no less) to extol the virtues of this pizza.  it was… a SuperPizza.

but i’d be remiss if I took all of the credit.  it was, after all, trusty sidekick who suggested the honey.  naturally, the suggestion was fresh on the heels of a few minutes of bragging about having honey made by not ONE but TWO of my dearest friends: mikey (whose honey made the long journey from NC) and marina (whose bees are local, but fresh off a red-ribbon win at the minnesota state fair).

anyway, i’m fairly confident that SuperPizza will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.  not only will it cure that pesky hunger problem, but it will also make you more attractive, more likeable and more intelligent, as SuperPizza is just a pinch shy of being made of actual magic.

the stuff:
5 oz shiitake mushrooms
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
arugula (several large handfuls– 1/2 bag)
1 yellow onion
1/2 shallot
1 apple
small log of goat cheese (chevre)
1 ball pizza dough (grab one from the store or do it this way:
appx. 1T honey

the how-to:

1. prep your dough.  regardless of whether you’re DIY or grabbing dough pre-made at the market, this probably involves pulling it out to rise, so planning ahead is good).
2. chop onion, shallot and apple. sautee in olive oil until onions have carmelized (approximately 12 minutes).
3. chop 2 large sprigs of rosemary. sautee rosemary and largely chopped mushrooms until mushrooms shrink to approximately half their size (note: this will cook for about half the time as the onions, so feel free to begin prepping after starting the onions).
4. when onions are caramelized and mushrooms reduced, press with paper towels or a kitchen towel to reduce moisture.
5. quickly sautee arugula until just bright and wilted (approximately 1 1/2 minutes)
6. layer onions, arugula and mushrooms evenly across dough, leaving 1 1/2 inch dough to frame.
7. sprinkle evenly with goat cheese.
8. bake pursuant to the dough’s instruction.
9. remove from oven and drizzle with honey.

10. devour.



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