sushi yum.

February 28, 2012 § Leave a comment

so, trusty sidekick and i decided to try our hands at sushi tonight. the fact that our “special adventure” was saved from total disaster was entirely due to this totally awesome sushi class that the two of us took at coastal seafoods with nils. take it. take the class. unabashed and wholehearted sushi class endorsement. did i mention they feed you sushi? lots of sushi? cause they do. sushi. yum.

but, as talented and patient as dear nils is, sushi wizards trusty sidekick and i are not.  so i will refrain from any attempts to impart sushi wisdom.  instead, a tiny sushi photoblog:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

oh, and there was wine.  delicious plum wine.  and crushed up, um, rice chex.  because we’re classy like that. 

did i mention that nils is awesome?  go meet him here:

also awesome?  united noodles and all of their sundries.  which might possibly include a lot of pre-packaged thingermabobbers involving chocolate and hazelnut.  not that i’m interested in that sort of thing.

PS- trusty sidekick is not allowed to over the shoulder blog with me anymore if he wants to keep making delicious things and/or eating them.


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