Lemon blueberry yogurt cake (aka “citrus” “fruit/chocolate/chunky” AWESOME cake)

February 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

It occurred to me that this space shouldn’t just be for chronicling new recipes — it should also be a place for featuring old favorites.  Things I make all the time because they are delicious, flexible, and the  recipe never fails.

This is the category into which this loaf cake falls.  It is amazing.  What drew me to this recipe in the first place is that it 1) looked good, 2) was an Ina Garten – Barefoot Contessa recipe, 3) doesn’t use butter, and 4) doesn’t require me to drag out my standing mixer (I am of course referring to the mixer that I DO NOT HAVE over here).

The cake is lovely.  So good. Every time I make it people ask me for the recipe.  I made a loaf as a thank you to someone who helped me out with a mechanical issue, and I received THREE separate thank you emails from him (and one from his girlfriend).  One thanking me for the cake, normal style.  One using an excess number of CAPITAL letters and exclamation points referring to its deliciousness and notifying me of the alarming rate at which he as eating it.  Then his girlfriend’s thank you email arrived, and she too was alarmed at his rate of consumption because she wasn’t getting very much of it. Then the final email, sent 2 days after I gave him the cake, notified me that it was gone.

Please make this.

So, the recipe as posted on smitten kitchen (recipe here) is a lemon blueberry cake.  I have also made it as an orange chocolate chunk cake, a lime coconut cake, a lemon raspberry cake, a plain lemon cake, and am contemplating some type of grapefruit version.  It is stunning.  It works as a dessert, it works as a snack, I actually prefer it with a spoon of greek yogurt as a breakfast.  It is wonderful.

The reason I’m not posting the recipe below is because I don’t change anything about the recipe as it was written on smitten kitchen, therefore I don’t feel I can truly say ‘adapted from’ and then paste and tweak it.  I used to be an IP attorney OK, so sue me.

But look, here’s the link again so you can make it!

Lemon blueberry yogurt cake.


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