Strawberry buttercream

December 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

There’s nothing like blogging in the wee hours of the morning when you’re jet lagged and no one else is up…

Strawberry buttercream: part of a complete dessert!  (B – hopefully you managed some photos of your brownie santa hats?)

I was happy to help when B approached me with a strawberry buttercream emergency.  Google to the rescue!   This buttercream recipe is really lovely, but does require making your own strawberry sauce, which must cool completely before you add it to the buttercream (otherwise you’ll have melted butter), so there is some down time.  Give yourself at least 3 hours.


Strawberry sauce part

  • 1 pound fresh strawberries (though I imagine completely thawed, drained frozen would work as well?)
  • .5 c sugar

Buttercream part

  • 1.5 c butter (3 sticks)
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 3 c powdered sugar


To make strawberry sauce:

(NB.  When you start making the sauce, which due to cooling time should be ~ 3 hours before you need the buttercream, take the butter out of the fridge, slice into inch thick pieces (size doesn’t really matter – it’s just to increase surface area to speed softening), and set out on the counter to get soft.  You need really soft/room temperature butter later – cold butter won’t work very well).

  1. Hull and chop up strawberries.  Dump in saucepan.
  2. Add 1/2 cup of sugar (normal sugar).
  3. Heat over high heat until mixture boils, stir it, then turn heat down to low.
  4.  Heat over low for a really long time (like, 45 minutes?), stirring every so often, until the mixture reduces down by half to a sticky jam/sauce.
  5. If you have the time/desire, pour it through a mesh strainer to get all the seeds out and make it really smooth (I didn’t do this as I couldn’t find one in B’s kitchen, nor could I be bothered).  I just mushed the mixture with a potato masher to make the fruit bits smaller.
  6. Pour into a chilled bowl to cool.  If you’re short on time, toss it in the fridge.

To make the buttercream:  (do this much later, like, when the strawberry mixture has cooled completely)

  1. Take the softened butter and chuck it in the bowl of your mixer.  Use the paddle fixture.  Mix on medium high for 5 minutes until light and fluffy.  You should time this – 5 minutes is way longer than you think, but you really do need that long so the butter gets really airy.
  2. Add vanilla extract a mix a few seconds to incorporate.
  3. Turn speed to low (unless you like powdered sugar in your face) and add in the 3 cups of powdered sugar – one cup at a time – while it’s still mixing.
  4. Time to add the cooled strawberries!  With the speed on low, add in as much of the COOLED strawberry mixture as you want to get the right flavor.  I added about 2/3 of it.  Mix until combined.

You’re done!  Yum!  I imagine if you’re not using it right away, you should refrigerate to keep the texture, then before using take it out of the fridge, let come up to room temp, and maybe mix it a bit to ‘fluff it up’ before use.


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