Mini apple pies!

November 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

What’s Thanksgiving without apple pie?

Rather than make a whole pie, I thought I’d experiment with making single-serving sized pies in, you guessed it, my favorite all time baking pan: the muffin tin!  I made 3 mini pies, and followed the recipe for my mom’s apple pie filling exactly, just only made a third of it (e.g., for all you math whizzes, I only used 2 cups of apples etc etc.).  They turned out great, especially for me, who REALLY loves pie crust.


  • 2 cups of apples sliced thin and cut small (I needed three small apples to get this much, and it turned out to be a bit too much filling for 3 pies, so I ate the leftover filling (raw) the next day with some yogurt – yum!)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 Tbsp. flour
  • scant 1/4 tsp. cinnamon
  • Tiny amount of butter for dotting tops of pies
  • One pie crust (in the UK, you buy one at a time, not 2 to a packet) – in the UK the brand I like is “Jus-Rol short crust pastry” and is found in the refrigerator section


  • Mix the apples, sugar, flour, and cinnamon
  • Cut six 4-inch circles out of the pie dough
  • Place 3 of the circles into your muffin tin, carefully pressing them in so they go all the way down. (Note, you do not need to grease your muffin tin — pie crust is basically made of butter, so you will have no problem getting these out of the tin).
  • Cram as much apple pie filling into the mini pie cases as you can
  • Dot the top of each with a tiny amount of butter
  • Top each with a 4-inch circle of dough and crimp shut.  Cut a tiny vent or two for steam.
  • Bake at ~375 degrees for about 20 minutes (really, just peek at them occasionally and yank when the crust is the color you like)
  • Done!  Enjoy with ice cream or whipped cream or (apparently?) a slice of cheddar!


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