Mom’s famous apple pie

August 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is my mom’s famous apple pie.  It’s the best I’ve ever had.  The secret?  I suppose it makes sense, but it’s the apples.  You can’t just pick any apple for an apple pie – the sugar:apple ratio is critical for a pie to taste good, and the one my mom has worked out below has NEVER ever failed.  Ladies take note: this pie could make a boy fall for you.  I’m just saying.  Also: I forgot to take a picture of the finished pie.  Please trust me that it was yummy!


Anyway: the apples.  Please do not ruin this pie by choosing a silly apple like a granny smith or a golden delicious (which are awful for very different reasons).  This recipe is designed to be used with Haralson apples.  If you don’t have them (as I didn’t when I made it today), do yourself a solid and only use an apple that you would want to eat – a crisp, slightly tart one (no mushy sweet apples like a Golden Delicious!).  Apples that I have used with success:  Pink Lady, Honey Crisp (also known as the most expensive apple pie of all time), and in a pinch Fuji (but they’re a bit too sweet for me).  Haralson, Pink Lady or Honey Crisp.  Please don’t deviate.

Also critically important: how you slice your apples.  Do not chunk them up!  Slice them.  Thin.  Like 1/8 inch thick?  (Not surprisingly, this is one of my favorite parts of making apple pie.  That and seeing if I can get the peel off in one go.)  The thin apples bake nicely and the texture is much, much nicer than chunks of apple (my mom thinks this is also why this pie is so popular).

Okay.  On to the recipe.


  • Pie crust [Yes, I buy mine.  So do lots of people who then lie to your face when you ask them if they made it.  Why fuss about when Pillsbury makes really good crusts (in the refrigerator case!).]
  • 6+ cups of apples, peeled and sliced  thin.  By 6+, I mean, get six cups, and then if you still have half an apple in front of you, toss that in too.
  • 2-3T flour (to toss with apples)
  • 3/4 c. sugar
  • ½ t. cinnamon
  • Couple of tablespoons of butter, cut into small pieces.


1.  Turn oven to 400 F.

2.  Toss the peeled/sliced apples with the flour, sugar, cinnamon.

3. Line your pie pan with one of the pie crusts.

4. Dump the apple mix in and dot the top with butter.  You may think to yourself, “Self, that looks like too many apples!  How ill it all fit?”  This is why you sliced the apples thin.  With a little rearranging you can pack them really tight.  Which is why this pie is so delicious – it has LOTS of apples.


5. Put the other pie crust on top (after cutting decorative shapes for steam to vent).  Tuck the top layer under the bottom layer (so no filling can escape) and crimp the edges.

6. Bake for 50 minutes.  Very important note from my mom:  “be sure to cover the edge/perimeter of the crust with a ring of tinfoil after 15 minutes, or you will end up with burned edges.”


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