cheesy primavera

December 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

we have another feature from our now incredibly famous guest-blogger, larina. surely she will soon have her own handle and be posting at will. also, to those wondering how you, too, can be featured on our lovely site: invite me over for dinner and serve something ridiculously delicious. not so hard. yes?

1 med. onion
appx 2.5oz beech mushrooms, or other mushroom equivalent
3 cloves garlic
appx. 1/3c. sundried tomatos
1 diced small tomato
1 diced head broccoli
appx. 2/3c. corn (frozen or fresh)
more spinach than you think (appx. 3/4 bag, fresh)
1 med. sweet potato or yam (orange!)
12oz. pasta (rigatoni or penne)
4oz. cream cheese
8oz. goat cheese (yes, also more than you think).
cream (or milk, you fat-conscious losers)
optional- sour cream or plain yogurt- gives it some tang
other assorted cheeses in the fridge (asiago, cheddar, motz., etc)

to do:
bake sweet potato in oven, wrapped in tinfolil at 350 for appx an hour. it can bake while you’re preparing the rest of the sauce components.
then, saute the onion in butter or olive oil, to brown edges, shy of carmelization
following, add garlic and mushrooms. (note: mushrooms are making with the watery, so cook them earlier than the rest of the veggies, lest the remainder of the sauce be all drippy-like).
next, add sundried tomato, broccoli, corn and (in the event your sweet potato is finished baking), your sweet potato.
now, add spinach and tomato. both need only be wilted, so make with the short-cooking. otherwise you’ll end up with stewed grainy tomatos and gross wilty olive green spinach. no good, friends. no good.
see picture of appropriately sauteed veggies (and salt! if you’re not me, add salt!!):

in the meatime, boil water, salt and evvo, mixing in appx. 12oz. pasta. when the pasta is al dente (that’s right, don’t make it gross), strain.

add more butter than you think (appx. 4-5Ts)

add cream cheese in small chunks. ditto the goat cheese.
splash in milk or cream to sauce.
add veggies and stir to coat in varied daries.

if sauce is too thin, add more cheese. too thick? add more butter.

serve with bread.

sprinkle with parsley, iffin you’re feeling all fancy-like.




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